About Us


It is pleasure to have an Opportunity to share with you about ourselves as one of the leading professionally manages Security Organization capable of Conceptualizing and executing total security solutions and related Assignments.

We undertake all security Requirements of all types of Establishment, Factories, Mill, Hotels, Cinema halls, Restaurants, Offices, Malls, Ware House, Go Downs, Residence.

We have a strong operational team headed by highly qualified to prestigious private / public sectors undertaking, MNCs Corporate Offices, Hospitals, High Rise commercial complex in and around NCR in Delhi.

We have a strong operational team headed by highly qualified and experienced seniors officers consisting of efficient managers, field officers, Supervisors, who have clear Idea as to take over all tasks and challenges to suite your satisfaction

Our registered  office is located at 447- Masjid Moth, Leela Ram market, New Delhi – 110049. We have been in the Business from 2009 and now manage properly organised setup of professionals.
“OUR AIM IS TO GIVE YOU SUPERIOR PROTECTION”  for your’s Commercial/Residential Organization.
We are registered with Registrar of Companies National Capital Territory of Delhi and Haryana /  ESIC Employees State Insurance Corporation/ EPFO Employees Provident Fund Organisation and Service Tax Department also.

Other Advantages :

  1. We also provide various other categories of Unskilled, Semi- Skilled, Skilled Manpower for yours best production(for example helpers, mali, electrician, Plumbers, Technical/Non-Technical Staff)
  2. We ensure that persons be thoroughly screened and verification of the attendance carried out prior to our employment. Further Our vigilance department keeps a close watch on the activities of our persons to ensure that they do not develop unhealthy intimacy with co- workers and staff at their work place.
  3. We will be paying frequent surprise checking time to time also also night checking to keep security personals alert and discipline on duty.
  4. We also provide cover on request at the time of strike Gheraos.
  5. we normally in case of any order to keep efficiency,transfer our staff in every 3-4 months. In case of any complaint by the management,the personnel shall be replaced without any extra coast,within 2-3 days.
  6. On specific request and small additional fees we provides special “METAL DETECTOR” for frisking of employees and visitors.This create psychological impact among the workers  and helps control  theft/pilferage
  7. At the time of labour unrest,we deploy additional security personnel at a very short notice with sennior officials.
  8. We regularly submit our security reports highlighting the deficiencies in our clients security build up,the same time suggesting remedial measures whenever required.


  1. Corporate office located at 477 Masjid moth, Leela Ram market South Ex-II New Delhi.
  2. Round the clock mobile supervision.
  3. 24 hrs. operated mobile phones and control  room.
  4. Every 50 security personnel there is a field supervisor.
  5. Close seasoning with area police and other government departments.
  6. Constant supervision of the frauds.
  7. The company provides multi-disciplinary services of highest quality and always stand by its deep commitment to satisfy the security needs of its clients.
  8. We provide also allied services which includes provision of housed  keeping,gardening,helper for yours industries ,specially to provide  provisional security officer (armed and unnamed )these are fully trained to secure a VIP person,Body guards,Bouncers.


Our mission is to give our perfect protection for our and yours esteemed organization.To secure our clients against risk to their property,life and information and to provide a cost effective security programmer to meet theirs needs in the spirit of partnership.


  1. Guard selection,Recruitment and training..
  2. Easier  Supervision and monitoring.
  3. Rapid response to clients need the feedback.